Spruce Grove Farm

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About Spruce Grove Farm

Spruce Grove Farm is located near the village of Galien in southwestern Michigan’s Berrien County and has been the Potter family farm for almost 100 years.  It takes its name from the grove of spruce trees that John and his parents, Foster and Frances, planted in the northeast corner of the farm in the mid 1970s.

John, now the third generation owner of the farm, joined the American Dexter Cattle Association (ADCA) and established the SGF Dexter cattle herd in July of 1992.  From 2 cows, 2 heifers, and 2 young bulls, the SGF herd grew by 2012 to include 50 to 60 breeding-age animals.  The number increased to 90 or more animals with the addition of the 30 to 45 calves that were born each year. During John's illness in 2012, the SGF herd was reduced to about 20 animals. SGF Dexters include horned and polled animals of all 3 Dexter colors- black, dun, and red. All are chondrodysplasia free, and all breeding stock are ADCA-registered.

During the summer of 2011 John began establishing a small flock of Katahdin sheep. Katahdins are a breed of hair sheep (no shearing or docking tails!) that are raised for their mild-tasting, tender meat. The flock currently includes 1 ram and 6 ewes.

The photo below shows the northeast corner of the farm. It is the location of the livestock operation: the buildings and pastures for the cattle, sheep, and dogs. 

The photo below is a Google Earth satellite image of the northeast section of the farm showing all of the buildings and the paddocks and pastures where the cattle, sheep, and chickens of SGF live.

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