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SGF Dogs

On June 19, 2013, Brandon & I drove to Battle Creek, Michigan, to pick up my new puppy. Shadow was 6 weeks old at that time and was the 5-pound runt of a litter of Black Lab cross puppies. I immediately abandoned my resolve never to have a house dog, and, after her first few nights of sleeping on my pillow, she developed a strong bond with me. At 10 weeks she was learning commands quickly and was growing like a weed. She more than doubled her weight in 4 weeks. She loves riding with me in the van. She sleeps in the house entryway at night. Here on the farm she follows me everywhere she can. She isn't afraid of the cattle or the sheep. They are still a bit leery of her, but they're accepting her more now. She really loves riding with me on my ATV and running around the pastures. She is completely fearless so far. She has become a cherished companion as well as a helpful farm dog.

Pictures of Shadow in 2013

being held by Brandon on the porch of her home in Battle Creek after we selected her over her sister on June 19th

with Brandon in the van waiting to leave for SGF, quite puzzled

chewing on John's fingers in her new home

asleep on a pillow

    held by Brittany with Ali & Lloyd sitting in front;

This was taken on our way home to SGF from Battle Creek.

playing baseball with Lloyd on the 4th of July

racing toward me on July 12th

Who, me?

chewing on my fingers again, a favorite pastime

Who is winning this match with me?

with Brandon, Lloyd, and Kathy on my birthday

guard dog (1), July 20th

guard dog (2), July 20th

 guard dog (3), July 20th

guard dog (4), July 20th; She almost looks intimidating, doesn't she?

chewing on my shoe (1) August 6thchewing on my shoe (2) August 6th

chewing on my shoe (3) August 6thchewing on my shoe (4) August 6thtaking a break from chewing on my shoe August 6th;

On  August 6th she weighed 17 pounds.

SGF Labs in 2014 & 2015

Bucky, a male chocolate Lab, arrived from Utah on September 20, 2014.

Star, a female white Lab, arrived from Utah on February 28, 2015.

Amber, a female silver Lab, arrived from Utah on December 9, 2014.

Flame, a female red Lab, arrived from Idaho on December 20, 2014.


Here are the dogs playing in late May, 2015.

The dogs' colortypes are shown in the chart below:

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